Subterranean Travels

in the subwayThere’s something different about the world under the streets. Photographer Pat David shows us a little piece of life in the subways in this image, perfectly framed and processed in grayscale. I am drawn most to the sign in the foreground, unlit and calmly waiting for anyone to require help. At this time, it appears everyone is quite content, with multiple couples walking together.

Pat’s own commentary on underground travel is equally interesting:

I am endlessly fascinated by subterranean travel. All of these holes bored through the ground crisscrossing a city above.

I am especially fond of riding subways and looking out into the darkened tunnels to be delighted by the myriad of nooks and crannies hiding who-knows-what types of secrets. I like to pretend that there are stories happening down there, in some way mirroring the life above. Horrible things happening in the dark corners, or hopeful actions just past the last tile of the platform before the lights fade to a diminishing spot in the distance.

Thanks for posting your photo with creative commons, Pat!

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