Etchings on the Surface

Industrial Art
This photograph shows an all-too-common sight around America – boarded up industrial facilities. Shot in DeKalb, Illinois, this building window has been replaced by cinder blocks, which vines have found handy for climbing. Visually, having blocks and vines where an unobstructed pane of glass should be tells many stories. Once they reach the window area, the vines appear 2D, almost as etchings on the surface. They are making their way into the vent to continue their takeover of the structure. With its red brick exterior still in tact, this must have been quite the place in its day – perhaps inside they bound books, did aluminum tube bending, or carefully packaged fragile glassware. Whatever used to take place, it now slowly returns to nature.

Thanks to Don Burkett for taking this photo and uploading under creative commons.

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