Vacancy at the Moon

moon motel
Here we have a slice of Americana from New Jersey. I imagine this place was the nicest (or at least hippest) motel around in its heyday. Being able to see signs like these through photos is fantastic – we can’t get to every corner of the country on our own.  Thanks to Bob Jagendorf for getting this photograph and posting under creative commons.

Aside from the greatness of the sign itself, I love the framing of this shot. The full width of the sign reaches out and hugs the edges. It also cuts off right on the rockets – right where we see there is vacancy – we could check-in today! The lighting is soft yet strong and I get the feeling of early morning. There is a factor of precision in the edges of the moon and the earth (with rings?) that really sets this photo apart. It has me excited about this motel, perhaps how travelers once felt when the sign showed no wear.

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