Gold Like the Sun

industrial art
This photograph instantly made me feel like I was in the Heartland, and I would be correct. While I’m not sure what we are looking at, the tags tell me it is in Madison, Wisconsin. Whether it is a whimsical sculpture, part of a larger structure, or piecing together an industrial item, it has a lot of interest. So does this shot.

The sky is gray, with clouds wispy like smoke – something you would expect to see in an industrial park. The dimness counter-plays well with the bright autumnal hues of the cylinders. The angle is excellent – we are able to see up into their tarnished, unpainted insides while also viewing how they are held together. The rivet and rust details are clear and make me think further about the construction of everyday objects. Somewhere, the sun must be shining, because it bounces off the corrugated edges right back into our eyes. It flashes most brightly off the cylinder colored gold like the sun – coincidence?

Eric Bennett took this photo and shared with creative commons. Thanks, Eric!

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