Havana Calling

cuba phone
Thanks to a movie I saw years ago, the first thing I think about upon hearing “Cuba” is rice and beans. Next is color – and my gosh, does this photo have it! The warm tones throughout all come together in perfect harmony, matching almost exactly. From the paint to the geraniums to the dots on the woman’s dress, they all complement one another.

The crisp shadows and lines created by the warm sun (yet another thing Cuba makes me think of) are also a great feature of this composition. We have hard lines in the building’s structure, the paint’s stripe, and the sidewalk. They are balanced out by the softness of the flowers, the slight drape of the woman’s dress, and the little bits of inconsistency in the surface edges. All put together, this is a fantastic shot.

This photo was taken by Doug (full name not given). We are sharing with permission through creative commons.

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