A Glimpse of Summer

boxes of colour
For those also living in a colder climate, I thought we could use some warmth and color right about now. This photograph of bathing boxes in Brighton Beach, Australia more than foots the bill!

Even though the beach doesn’t look particularly warm and sunny (note the man in the parka and lack of sun), it still radiates heat. I love seeing the structures lined up in an orderly fashion, continuing on into the distance – perhaps even into the ocean! All closed up, we are able to better admire their crisp paint, tiny building numbers, and window shutters. The bright nautical colors and their trim pairings bring the water closer to shore, while the sand kicked up on decks gives us a glimpse of summer to come.

Thank you to Geoff Penaluna for taking this photograph and sharing a piece of warmth with us on creative commons.

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