Window to the World

aluminum finishing servicesThis is not only an interesting self-portrait, it is a glimpse into space. Steve Jurvetson, who is the photographer appearing in the reflection, notes the importance of this particular porthole:

Through this looking glass, the crew of Kizim and Solovyov watched the Earth stream by, and both the Mir and Salyut 7 space stations on improvised docking maneuvers…Their window to the world was machined by hand from a block of aluminum and then anodized. Festooned with mission numbers and approval stamps. Two panes of vita ultra white lead glass. 36cm diameter. It just arrived from Poland.

It is amazing to look at this image and think of how far this porthole has traveled. Great craftsmanship was put into its creation here on land, which can be seen in the double-paned glass, aluminum finishing services, and custom stamping. To imagine what a great comfort this window to the world was to the astronauts gazing across the sky is priceless and nearly inconceivable.

Thank you for sharing this photo and its story, Steve!

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