Dandelions and a Martini

color splash
I don’t know anyone, young or old, who isn’t at least a little fascinated by high speed photography – it is just plain cool. One thing is typical about the “genre,” though: the plain, muted backgrounds. Not in this photo! The juxtaposition of dandelions and a martini glass got my attention right away. Outside of a private country club, you don’t usually see nature mixing with cocktails.

The photographer for this shot, Rachel Sarai, did an amazing job with color saturation and capturing the exact moment of impact. The water droplets in the air almost seem natural, as if they are dew in the morning. You can also hear the split second of hushed silence – mere moments before the glass’ contents land onto the grass with a thud and bubbles form as the soil slowly drains. Well done, Rachel and thank you for posting to creative commons!

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