The Waterloo of the James Gang

Small town USA–

The greatest stagecoach and bankrobbing gang of theBank Door Wild West–the James-Younger Gang–tore through middle America in the 1870’s, robbing and plundering in a bloody revenge against the North.

The criminal juggernaut met it’s end at a small mass of buildings in corn-filled Southern Minnesota, on a chilly September afternoon.

Each year since, the town of 20,000 gathers to celebrate. Beer tents, carnival rides and games, and the latest in deep fried creations come for a two day stay. The celebration culminates in a re-enactment of the shooting, on the nearly unchanged street and original bank from a century and half ago.

The bullet holes from the original robbery are still lodged in the side of the building. They have red chalk around them, and all the parents show their children, and so on and so forth.

This photo sent in to us, originally taken by Sciondriver, shows the intricate metal stamping and the beauty that allures such characters; robbers, citizens, good and evil alike.

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Rolling Through

Beer beer!

Nothing says summertime like a visit to the lake with friends, burgers to grill and ice cold beer! I liked this shot of amber glass bottles making their journey through the production process. These bottles are rolling down the line after being filled with their hoppy brew and are off to a meeting with branded roll labels for a little dressing up. Packaged and shipped to bars, liquor stores, and restaurants all over the nation, these bottles are sure to find their way into our hands throughout the course of the summer months. This photo was shot and shared by Alexander Bolotnov.

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The Heartland at Harvest Time


Car Hood Open

Family bonding takes on many different characteristics. For some, it’s discussing a favorite book; for others, it’s throwing a football around in the orange afternoons of Autumn. In small town Minnesota USA, I recall changing oil, V-belts, and tires until Mom forced us in for dinner. Whatever family bonding means to you–let this picture bring out it’s memories. Thanks for the picture Sunbeer.

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Waterfront Fountain

waterfront fountain

The quiet serenity of this beautiful fountain was captured by Laslo Ilyes in Seattle on July 4, 2010. Using a Canon EOS 5D.  The asymmetrical architectural design of this fountain makes it unique among the typical styles you see for outdoor water fountains. The water cascades over solid walls and out through spouts to create a layered effect that is featured in this photo. By shooting the fountain in black and white, the photographer manages to give the falling water an ethereal quality. You can almost imagine the tranquility that could be found by sitting close to this fascinating place.

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Old Man in Box

old man in box

This photo was sent in by one of our readers, currently moving residencies and feeling the full emotional effect.

Moving is a strange externality of the modern condition. So exciting, and so sad. New colors and cultures await, restaurants and nighttime drives in circles around an illuminated city. Gas station junk food. Probably a raise in salary, too.

But I think one of the great pains we all go through as we go older is realizing, really, how little we keep in contact with those who are away from us. Those who, at certain points, after a certain amount of drinks, on certain nights–you were convinced they’d be next to you forever. Even as an adult, I still suffer from this illusion.

After you move, you soon you find them strangers. And as you get older, you know it’s coming. It’s sad.

Photo credit goes to Georgie Redgrave (self portait), posing in a chipboard box.

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Cuban Baseball

Cuban Baseball

In celebration of August, the end off fall–we chose this baseball picture submitted to OnewithU.

Latin America has developed a kinship with baseball–it’s saved players from the throughs of communist induced poverty, and brought several superstars to worldwide fame.

Recently, the Latin American baseball story has been alit again with the rise of star Yasiel Puig. Yasiel, like every other Cuban baseball player playing in the Major Leagues, had to escape Cuba illegally. A famous underground story claims he was forced to agree to pay 10% of his future salary to his smuggler–and was kidnapped and held for several days immediately after he landed in America until he signed an agreement.

With his recent signing of a $240 million mega-deal–street rumors say he has refused to pay any more to the smugglers.

This photo, and the Cuban baseball relationship–highlight the power of sport, for good or greed.

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The Modern Gauge



What’s great about this photo is that if offers such a canvas of conjurance.

Depending on your background, philosophies, or opinions–it could bring images of American industrial might, the backbone of an economy(or once was). It could bring to mind throwbacks to 1920’s New York, when no one bothered to look back in America–everything was heading up and up, literally and figuratively.

Or it could put forth thoughts about the that specific feeling of hard labor, underpaid and overworked. The struggles of a Salt of the Earth lifestyle. The feeling of a hard day’s work.

Or, perhaps, like most things in life, it’s combination of the two.

Credits for the image go to Jason Eppink‘s photo of an Industrial Pressure Gauge.


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metal tubes
The angle of this shot gives us an interesting window out on the world. If it weren’t for the treetops peeking over the edge or the cinder blocks lined up, I may have believed this were a horizontal view rather than vertical. It is refreshing how the many hues of gray filling the room give way to a bright, clear blue sky that finds itself reflected on the many tubes.

Throughout the photo, there is a great variety in textures. The ribbing on the pipes, the grids on the enclosures, the lines in the concrete – they all help add dimension to what could be a boring, monochromatic sight. This is a good reminder to always look up – you never know what you might be missing.

Thanks to Nicola (full name not given) for sharing his photograph with creative commons.

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Cumbria England Sheep
In like a lamb and out like a lion? That’s probably what photographer Fiona McAllister must be thinking, since this was one of her first sights since Spring started. Or maybe she isn’t quite as literal as we are. Either way, this shot is most delightful! Here’s what Fiona has to say about it:

Couldn’t resist stopping the car on my way home a few evenings ago, for a quickie ‘grab snap’ of these cuties in one of our neighbouring fields.

You can just make out the Scottish hills on the other side of the Solway Firth in the distance.

The colors wonderfully encompass Spring, with the lush green fields and rainy evening sky. Throw in the cute mama sheep and her two lambs and it all feels like a wonderful cozy blanket, wrapping us in the newness of the season.

We’re very glad Fiona stopped to get this photo and even happier she chose to post it with creative commons!

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Wind Beneath My Wings

crow flying
This photograph is so stunning it is hard to believe it is not computer-generated. Flying high above snowy alps in Switzerland, we are traveling along with this crow. The details are so sharp we can see the details in nearly every feather on his body. His head is down, putting the strength of his shoulders on full display. The white snowdrifts blurring below make a wonderfully contrasting backdrop for the bold blackness of the bird. The tiny people walking add scale, showing us just how high in the sky we are, surrounded by natural wonder.

Thanks to Gordon Tarpley for sharing his great shot with creative commons.

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